Things To Consider When Deciding Whether Counselling Is For You

Seeking therapeutic help does not imply weakndess or inadequacy; rather, it suggests that you are taking your life seriously and hope to make changes, but would like support in doing this. When you embark on a course of therapy you begin a process of self-discovery, personal growth and change, which might involve confronting difficult things about yourself, or overcoming traumatic life-experiences, as well as learning new ways of dealing with difficulties and discovering ways of becoming who, or how, you would like to be.

Counselling or psychotherapeutic counselling are for you if:

  • you want something different from life
  • you are looking for contentment, peace, or a sense of harmony
  • you want to free yourself from unhelpful ways of thinking or behaving
  • you want to understand or accept yourself
  • you are prepared to confront difficult things about yourself
  • you are searching for your own answers, rather than advice or instruction
  • you are prepared to work through difficult feelings which might arise in the work
  • you are committed to investing time, energy and money in order to work towards your aims  

Couples Counselling is for you if:

  • you are both committed to engaging in work to improve your relationship or in choosing to part
  • you are prepared to work together to identify goals and possible solutions
  • you need support in parting without acrimony
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