Counselling and psychotherapy are confidential; this is an important aspect of the contract between each therapist and client, in order to make it a safe experience. However, there are some exceptions which allow therapists to work responsibly.  Any potential restrictions to confidentiality would be discused with you, but the following considerations apply.


Therapists always regularly  discuss clients with a supervisor (an experienced therapist who is qualified to oversee other therapists' work with clients), who also has to maintain confidentiality.  This is to ensure that therapists work safely and effectively when offering counselling. Clients are discussed in a manner which protects their individual identities. Supervision is an essential part of the work and it is unethical for a therapist to work without it.


If therapists are concerned that their clients are at serious risk of harming themselves or someone else, it may be appropriate for them to inform GPs, psychiatrists or others as appropriate. Except in extreme situations, this would initially be discussed with you in order to attempt to agree a joint course of action.

Counselling is conducted with reference to The Children Act (1989 and  2004) which  place a statutory duty on professionals to work together and share information in relation to investigations relating to children in need, or who are subject to abuse..

There is a statutory duty to disclose information relating to terrorism, money laundering or drug trafficking. In these cases, I must inform the police without first informing you.
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