Couples Counselling

Many relationships undergo difficulties from time to time. Occasionally couples feel unable to resolve these without support. In this situation, couples counselling will be useful.

Couples counselling can help you to find a way forward through:
  • Helping you to identify and interrupt unhelpful patterns of communication and behaviour
  • Changing these, so that you are able to experience the possibility of more positive ways of relating
  • Helping you to develop a wider range of responses, so that you are able to interact more effectively and satisfactorily
  • Supporting you in developing more effective ways of problem solving and interacting with each other
  • Helping you to identify, and build upon the strengths in your relationship
  • Assisting you in developing strategies to remedy any deficits, where this is possible 
In order to achieve any desired changes, it is important that:
  • Both members of a couple are willing to put in effort
  • Both believe that remaining in the relationship is important to them.
 It is worth remembering that the likelihood of satisfactory change is more related to a couple's willingness to engage with the problem than the severity of the problem itself.

Sometimes couples are unsure whether it is possible to save their relationship. In this case, couples counselling can help you to
  • Determine whether it is possible to resolve your differences
  • Work out if you want to stay together
  • Resolve issues so that you are able to separate in the best possible way, if this is how you choose to proceed
  • Find a way of co-existing without continued difficulty on separation
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